Under the Student enrichment lecture series, the department of B com C A hosted the 2nd lecture titled “Saving as a Habit” on 14th September, 2020.  Dr.Krishnan M, Dept. of commerce, S D College, Alappuzha was the speaker for the event. This lecture started with the welcome note of Dr.Mary Kurian, HOD, who started with the following quote of Warren Buffet, “If you buy things which you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

Theme and outcome of the lecture– 1. Investing early– Saving earlier can help replenish the power of compound interest on one’s savings. That is only because when saving starts early, one’s money has more time to expand, allowing it to benefit from compound growth. That will help to increase the amount, far beyond the money originally invested. 2- Contribute regularly– Regardless of the amount one can afford, the important thing is to start and be consistent.  3- Don’t take money out– As the savings grow and earn compound interest, the gains made through compounding will also help to build one’s wealth. Thus undoubtedly, the lecture went well with fruitful anticipated outcomes.