The Al Ameen College Union organised Self Defense Workshop for girls in the college Auditorium on 25/2/2020.A total of 145 girls took part in the workshop and they were trained by three specially trained lady police officers from Women Wing, Rural Police, Aluva. The college Union conducts this programme regularly to empower and educate girls to be bold, confident and face life courageously. The session began with the lecture mainly concentrating on the
main issues pertaining to women empowerment. It is a prerequisite and indispensable to make awareness and training among women for self restraining and become competent to withstand the challenges facing around them. After the lecture, various techniques and stunts were taught to the girls and important tips were given to them how to defend and protect themselves in every situation. The workshop was concluded at with the active discussion and full cooperation of all participants with the intension of continued process of the strategy.