As a part of the research motivation seminar series, the department of mathematics, al ameen college, edathala, organized a seminar on the topic “a journey through epsilon and delta” on 25th august 2022. The seminar was carried out by mr. Sambhu raj p r at mini seminar hall at 2:00 pm. The welcome speech was done by fathima parveen p a, assistant professor of the department of mathematics, and followed by the class of mr. Sambhu raj p r. The seminar begins from the basic level of the topic. He highlighted the epsilon and delta relations using graphs. Visual representations helped in understanding the teaching much better.  The talk was informative and helpful in giving a vast knowledge of the topic. It was a one-hour session. A vote of thanks was delivered by a student, fathima misriya p s. The programme wrapped up around 3:00 pm.