The department of Physics, Al-Ameen College celebrated the Department Day in a befitting manner on 07/02/2020. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Charles Jose, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, CUSAT. He enlightened the students with a talk on the topic ‘Our place in the Cosmos’.

The department also conducted a science quiz for the students of Al-Ameen College. A total of nine teams consisting of two members participated. Krishnapriya PJ and Neema Jose of II Biotechnology were the winners. Sarth Shan and JithinJhonson of I petrochemicals secured the second prize. Dr. Junaid Rahman, Manager of Al-Ameen College distributed the cash prize to the winners.

In connection with the department day, a premiere of the movie ‘The Martian’ was conducted in the college in the afternoon session. The students of the department thoroughly enjoyed it and commented it as a whole new experience.