There is nothing satisfying and fulfilling for children than to express themselves openly and without judgement. Department of Bcom C A organized a workshop on “repurposed art ideas” inorder to help the students to develop their skills like resilience, grit and to ensure a positive growth of our students, to succees in life. Moreover we aspire our students to develop an aesthetic sense and wants to give them a platform where they are able to express themselves freely. The session was handled by our final year student Afnitha TJ, award winner as well as a young entrepreneur.
During the session she demonstrated the full process of the altered bottle art like easy bottle art, bottle art with rice, sequence, pearls, thread or wool or even with advanced technique decoupage. She suggested the following steps for students to do bottle art work-
1. Collecting material
2. Cleaning time
3. Priming
4. Painting
5. Let it dry
6. Try different works with different stuffs.
After the first session she shared her business experiences and perspective to all students, and that was very inspiring to all the participants. Everyone enjoyed the workshop and it was concluded with the Vote of thanks by Assistant Professor Aswathy VS.