As a  part of Departmental Onam celebrations, the students of the Department of Business Management set out various inter departmental competitions. The theme for the competitions was “Veettilirunna Onam 2K20” which was highly apt with the current situation. Various competitions included  E- Sundarikkoru Pottu kuthal, Coronaashamsakal, Poyonam Vannonam- a photo contest in Kerala attire and Online Thambola.

Around 50 Students from all departments took part  in various  competitions and the best performers were selected as the winners. The winners were rewarded with cash prize. Anjitha Prabhakaran, Akhil Anil Kumar, P.A. Sana Mol were the student coordinators of the Onam events.

Even though every ones is far away, “Veettilirunna Onam 2K20” has proven that Onam can be celebrated through any medium without losing its spirit and colour.