Onam is a time to show off our vast cultural heritage. It is a season of joy for all the Keralites who celebrate it with much vigor than any other festival. This year, celebrations everywhere are low-key due to the Corona Virus. Amidst the pandemic, The Department of Biotechnology conducted a celebration on 27th of August 2020. Due to the current situation, all the programs were conducted through an online platform (Google meet). We hosted the celebrations with different programs and a variety of competitions, with the programs held from 3 to 5 pm on the 27th.

The program, which started offering prayers to God almighty was led by Ms. Neema Jose(Student.) The Head of the Department, Ms. Rahi Ramesh welcomed the gathering. With beautiful melodies of Ms. Safna P.A, Parvathy Prasad, Rihana C.R, Amrutha M Pai and a fusion sung by Anupama k Jayan ,Safna PA ,Neema Jose and Parvathy Prasad; the program was moderated by Ms. Anagha Elsy Baby(3rd year student). Also, she enriched the program’s beauty with a beautiful ‘monoact’. The widely acclaimed Thallu Malsaram was between Fathima Nazar(2nd year student) and Fathima Sajmi(3rd year student.) Personal memories of onam season were shared by almost all the teachers of the department, which took us even deeper into the times of peace and tranquility. The short but sweet program wound up with the Vote of thank proposed by Ms. Anagha A.T. (Student, 2nd year)

All the students and teachers in our department participated in the program with much involvement and love. The competitions happened between 20th and 30th August 2020. The Competition Items were Chamayakuppi, Onapulariyum Onakodiyum andOnam Troll Mamangam. The main attraction of the onam celebrations was the cultural programs conducted online. We got a huge lot of Entries for all competitions and the department committee members announced winners through our Instagram page (biotech_ alameen). The results were published on 31st August 2020 and finally, the cash prizes were distributed to the winners. In fact, it was such a heart-filling occasion for all of us, that all the events went as per the schedule and that we were able to complete the events graciously on time.