The Ministry of Youth Affairs has directed Sakshi to deliver capacity building workshop in partnership with NSS with their volunteers to strengthen Youth as powerful enablers for creating a Constitutional Rights-Based Enabled Environment in the context of Gender Equality with a focus on building awareness about POCSOA 2012. Sakshi registered in 1993 under the societies Registration Act of 1860, has worked over the last 25 years with a focus on strengthening systematic mechanisms, and enabling preventive interventions for the practice of everyday equality. A workshop named “DIKSHA’ was conducted on 3 May to educate about the POCSO Act and measures to prevent child abuse. The class was conducted by the Senior Consultant Trainer of Sakshi, Dr Ramaya Nisal. It was very interactive as it used the social media handles of the participants to conduct live polling and surveys of each topic. They made us aware of how to differentiate between good touch and bad touch. The session was very informative.