Institution Innovation Council in association with IEDC has organized a workshop on Problem solving, Ideation and Pitching for the IIC student members on 3rd November 2022 at the college seminar hall. The session was handled by the external expert Dr. Ajay Basil Varghese. The resource person has given an introduction about the workshop and the output which is to be attained at the end of the session.

Total of 7 teams with five members have attended the workshop. Dr. Ajay Basil asked the students to observe their surroundings and identify various problems from the environment. After 30 minutes, students have come up with different issues that need to be solve in future. Later, the resource person explained them how they can convert an issue to a business idea and ways to provide solutions for the same.

The student teams were sit together and started to convert the issues identified in to business idea and also made an attempt to find solution for it. Then, Dr. Ajay has done an individual discussion with each student team and given feedback on their idea pitching. The feedback by the resource person really helped the students to shape their idea.

The One day workshop was coordinated by Dr. Kala N, President IIC and Ms. Ashina Z., Convener, IIC.