Security market is a component of the wider financial market where securities can be traded. Goings-on in the Capital Market relating to formation of capital, liquidity and risk management plays a major, important role in the growth and efficiency of any capital market. It helps in the efficient, direct flow of savings and investments in the economy which facilitates the accumulation of capital and production process.

An Investor Education Program on behalf of BSE-IPF was organized by the Dept of Commerce on 30.09.2020 for the undergraduate and post graduate students to acquaint them with the financial health of the economy.

The resource person of the day, Mr. Venugopal Rayirath, Senior Associate of LKW who is a seasoned professional and an avid investor, emphasized on the financial system that accelerates the rate and volume of savings through provision of various financial instruments and efficient mobilization of savings.

The two-hour online program, which started at 11:00 am, provided deeper insights to all the 100 participants as to how the financial market helps in increasing the national output of the country by providing the funds to the corporate customers. In her welcome speech, Prof. Nisha Joseph, Dept of Commerce addressed the considerable challenges that India’s financial sector is facing in these Covid times. Prof. Shemina Hamza concluded the session, with a remark that the financial sector has acquired strength, efficiency and stability by the combined effect of competition, regulatory measures, and policy environment.