The Industrial visit of Department of Biotechnology, Al Ameen college, Edathala was planned to conduct on 27 March 2018 to RGCB,Trivandrum. The trip was planned with the permission of Principal Prof. M B Sasidharan. As per the request we got an appointment at RGCB on 27 March 2018,at 10.30 am the expected outcome of the programme includes, providing situation for the students to learn and get familiar with techniques and knowledge of a scientific research in biotechnology. The industrial visit as per the curriculum was an exposure trip to a place of scientific and industrial importance. We gathered in our college campus around 4.00 am of 27 March and a team of 66 students,4 teachers and a non-teaching staff started from the college at 4.30 am in two buses with the guidance and company of our HOD, Mrs.Rahimol Ramesh with other members ,Mrs.Thasny Faisal,Mrs.Shafila P S , Mrs.Sanooja M S and Mr.Safeerummer. We reached our destination at 10.00am.After having breakfast, we entered RGCB. At first the students were divided into 5 batches and are directed to different labs under the guidance of research faculty. We visited laboratories of Molecular biology, cancer biology, microbiology, biochemistry and plant biotechnology