Inorder to inculcate values and ethics among students the Post Graduate Department of Commerce has introduced a trading which was conducted by the final year students of The inauguration of honest and fair trading was inaugurated on 28th November, 2018 and is continued throughout the year. The trade includes sale of paper, books, pen, pencil and other accessories to the students and teachers of Al – Ameen College, where buyers can take their needed accessory and deposit the price of the product in a box which is placed before the department. The price of the products to be sold will be exhibited in the products and buyers are asked to take the product and deposit the money in the box placed therein. The profit from the sale of such products will be used for the charity purposes. The main aim behind this venture is:
➢ To build up ethics and values among the students
➢ To initiate a culture of charity among them and
➢ To provide training for marketing and trade practice along with practical side of accounting work.
The department continues to operate the trading throughout the year and the accounts and
ledger are filed properly.