As part of world cancer day, the department of Biotechnology organised a hair donation campaign in association with the national organisation Hair for hope India. The campaign started on 17 February 2022 with the objective of imparting the values of empathy, love and care towards another soul among the students.

The campaign was announced on 16 February with a flash mob based on the theme of awareness against cancer on the campus. Ms Sanooja MS and Ms Chinnu PS were the coordinators. The programme started at 11 am in the seminar hall and was chaired by the dignitaries of Al-Ameen College, Edathala. Ms Rahimol Ramesh, HOD, of Biotechnology welcomed the gathering Dr VP Gangadharan a well-known Oncologist in Kerala inaugurated the gathering with his virtual inaugural message. Ms Premi Mathew, the founder of Hair for Hope India also ensured her virtual presence in the meeting and extended her wishes and gratitude towards the campaign. Dr Cini Kurian, college principal and Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager, Al-Ameen Trust delivered the presidential address and the Managerial address respectively. Both of them emphasized the importance of teamwork and praised the thoughtful activities carried out by the department. Mr Ridhil Haris, a former student who is also a cancer survivor and Indian cyclist, well known for his solo cycle ride with the theme of cancer awareness, shared his experience about cancer. The forenoon session ended with an oath-taking on the theme ‘protect our moms’ which encourages mothers to do self-examination for detecting breast cancer.

 The forenoon session was planned as the official inaugural function and the hair donation started in the afternoon. Hair was cut was under the supervision of Ms Shamitha Faisal, Fiama Makeup studio Kalamassery. Ms Alphy Nisa Stephen, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology proved herself as a role model for students by being the first one to donate hair in the campaign. Twenty-two students have come forward to donate their hair. The hard work and effort made by the entire department especially the coordinators of the campaign Ms Sanooja and Ms Chinnu PS are praiseworthy. The campaign was wholeheartedly welcomed by the people. Many people sent their wishes through messages and social media. Actor Rafi who became famous through his series chakkapazham and Tony popular through his role in Kanimangalam kovilakam series were among them. The programme was a success and completed the objective for which it was conducted in a grand manner.