This programme conducted under the aegis of Minority and SC/ST Club. “Equipping the Future Home Managers” is a bit like planning in life which ensures that you’re fully prepared for marriage and to tackle any lingering questions or issues you may struggle with. Educational and supportive advice rendered to people planning marriage by a professional  member skilled in counseling, a therapy professional, or some other properly skilled individual. Premarital counseling might take the shape of guidance and responses to queries covering a wide array of issues Premarital counseling can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage. This kind of counseling can also help you identify weaknesses that could become problems during marriage.

In our college, we have conducted the Certificate course “Equipping the Future Home Managers” for the final year students of UG classes to help them to face the future. It has been convened in collaboration with Directorate of minority welfare, Government of Kerala for four days from 24/01/19 to 26/01/2019 and 28/01/19.About 70 students participated in it and is termed as successful. We have conducted the sessions in two batches.