Introduction: The Department of Commerce (self) at Al-Ameen College Edathala organized a stimulating debate on the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5th, 2024. The event aimed to raise awareness and engage students in discussions regarding environmental justice.

Debate Highlights:

  • The debate witnessed enthusiastic participation from second-year B.Com C A students who brought forth diverse perspectives on the topic of environmental justice.
  • Participants explored various dimensions of environmental justice, including the equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens, access to clean air and water, and the rights of marginalized communities.
  • Students eloquently presented arguments, backed by research and real-world examples, highlighting the importance of addressing environmental inequalities and promoting sustainable practices.
  • The debate fostered critical thinking and encouraged students to reflect on their roles in advocating for environmental justice in their communities.

Moderator’s Role: Ms. Remya K Prabha, Assistant Professor in B.Voc Sound Engineering, expertly moderated the debate, ensuring a structured and engaging discussion. Her guidance facilitated meaningful exchanges among participants, contributing to the overall success of the event.

Conclusion: The World Environment Day debate organized by the Department of Commerce (SELF), Al-Ameen College Edathala, served as a platform for students to delve into pressing environmental issues and explore strategies for promoting justice and sustainability. The event underscored the importance of youth engagement in environmental advocacy and highlighted the role of education in fostering environmental consciousness.

Faculty coordinator Ms.Husna P A expresses its gratitude to all participants, the moderator, and the college administration for their support in making the debate a resounding success.