Owing to the IPR Day celebrations, The Institution Innovation Council and IEDC of Al Ameen College, Edathala jointly organized a talk session on “Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Policies” on26- July- 2022. The resource person for the session was Ms. Rahimol, Asst. Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Al Ameen College, Edathala.

The programme started at 11: 00 pm at the college Seminar hall. Students as well as teachers from various departments of the college participated in the session. The resource person started the session by giving an introduction to the term “IPR”. IPR or Intellectual Property Rights is the legal right given to a creator for his unique inventions, ideas, designs etc. She explained about the different types of IPR such as copyright, patent, trademark and trade secrets.

What made the session more interesting was that the speaker explained the concepts by giving examples that are found in our Everyday lives. She gave annotations of various brands including ball point pens, jewelry, and even fried chicken. The speaker also elucidated on the main fields in which IPR and other legal policies are applicable.

The session, which was very informative was followed by a feedback session. Ms. Sumasree Sukumaran, Faculty, Department of English thanked the resource person on behalf of IIC and IEDC, Al Ameen college, Edathala. The programme came to an end at12:00 pm