The Bhoomitra sena club of Al Ameen college celebrated World soil day on December 5 to highlight the importance of healthy soil and advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. They also raised awareness of the drawbacks of using chemical fertilizers and spread awareness of the importance of protecting the soil. On this day the club started a new initiative to distribute earthworms and vermicompost to the needy. This initiative aims to inform the current generation about the importance of earthworms for soil fertility as well as to encourage them to make their own vermicompost units  at  home.

Ms Alphy Nisa Stephen (club coordinator), Ms Jiss Therese (joint coordinator), Mr. Safeer Ummer (club technical supporter) and Ms.Sreeja C. worked together to coordinate the program. To prepare paper bags for packing vermicompost; the waste paper was collected from classes throughout the campus. We filled each bag with approximately 1Kg of vermicompost for distribution. To promote maximum students to start using earthworms and vermicompost at their own land as well as to show them the role of both compost and worms in soil nutrition at this stage, the club gives both earthworms and vermicompost for free of charge.