The Department of Biotechnology organized “World Environment Day Celebration2017” with the support of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment. The activities were organized for 3 days. On 5th June 2017 at College Campus at 11.00 am. Dr. Anita Nair, Principal inaugurated the program by cleaning the college campus and also by planting a tree sapling On 13th June 2017, we conducted a seminar sought to give a human face to Environmental issues. Prof. Sitaraman Sankaranarayana Iyer, Environmentalist inaugurated the program and addressed the students. The inauguration was highlighted by thump impression on a tree picture. The second session was a Wildlife Photography exhibition by one of the best environmental photographer in Kerala, Mr. Ratheesh Karthikeyan. His photos made awareness in all the viewers. The third session began with a Quiz Competition on “Environment and Biodiversity”. The fourth session began with an Idea Presentation Competition on “Connect with Nature Ideas – Inspiring ideas to connect people with nature”. The fifth session of WED2017 was conducted on 20th June 2017 and it was handled by Sri. Vava Suresh, an Indian wildlife conservationist and a snake expert. The aim of the programme was to create awareness among the participants on responsibility of each and every individual in protecting our environment and also on the consequences if we fail to do so