Once the idea is shaped, it is very essential to develop a prototype. Most people are visual when it comes to understanding a concept or idea. Rapid prototypes services help illustrate the final product, allowing the design team to comprehend the product’s function, and target audience.

Institution’s Innovation Council of Al Ameen College has organized an online workshop on Prototype /Process Design development on 21.05.2022 over the plat form Google meet. Dr. Razeena Rasheed, Asst. Professor, Department of Business Studies, Arab University, Muscat, Oman.

Dr. Razeena Rasheed has started her session from the basics of entrepreneurship. Then focused the audience towards the concepts of Protyping and Process Design Development. She has conveyed the concepts about the same by showcasing some examples. She also explained about “why Prototyping is so important in design thinking” and how it helps the ideators to launch the product successfully in the market.Later, she explained about different techniques for doing prototype and the steps in the Process Design development. The session was really informative to the students especially who are in the initial stages of prototyping and design process.

Total of 60 students and 6 faculty members have attended the session and the session was about 1 hour.