The nature club of Al-Ameen College in association with department of Biotechnology conducted a workshop on principles and design of biogas plant on 9/01/2020 as a part of solid waste management awareness programme. The workshop was aimed at giving awareness on waste disposal by using degradable solid waste for the production of biogas. The cleaning staff of the College were also given training.

The workshop was handled by Mr. Davis, Akshaya biogas, Aluva. He explained the principles behind biogas production and the basic design for biogas plant construction.

There was also a demonstration on the working procedure of the biogas plant and a hands on training on the methods of waste disposal in the plant, proper usage of various valves and safety measures. All the cleaning staffs of the College and around 49 students from both nature club and the department of biotechnology attended the session. Professors Alphy Nisa Steaphen, Jiss Therese, Rahi Mol Ramesh, Sanooja MS, Thasni Faisal, Dr.Dhanya V, Shafila MS and Mr. Safeer Ummer participated in the programme.