Entrepreneurship is an innovative and dynamic process, whereby, a new enterprise is created. An entrepreneur is a catalytic agent of change, which generates employment opportunities for others. But Entrepreneurship amongst women is a recent phenomenon. When an enterprise is established and controlled by a woman, it not only boosts economic growth but also has many desirable outcomes.

So owing to the World Women Entrepreneurship Day Celebration, the Department of Business Administration has organized a webinar titled “If I can, You All Can” on 20.11.2021 over the e-platform Google meet. Mrs. M V Bhagirathi, M.D, Ammus Foods Pvt. Ltd was the resource person of the session. The successful Journey of Bhagirathi Amma from a Bramin Housewife to Managing Director of Ammu Foods is an inspiration to all girls in our society. Her hard work, strong determination, and support from her family drove her to the path of success.

She started her venture in 2006 with a group of 10 housewives by producing Baby Food Products for ICDS. Within a short span of time, Ammu Foods has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers in India. Recently they have come up with Nutritious Biscuits, which is an innovative product in their product line.

In her talk, she has explained the struggles that she faced from society during the initial stages of business. She also spoke about how she defended those barriers and the success mantra. Bhagirathi Amma asked the students to work hard to achieve their goals in their life. Finally, she motivated girl students by telling the fact that, as a Brahmin girl if she could achieve her success, then every girl in the society can make a remarkable change in the world.

Total of 110 students have attended the session.The program was coordinated by Mr. Iqbal KI (Faculty Coordinator), Mr. Muhammed Swalih (student Coordinator).