The first year undergraduates were given a very warm and cordial welcome on 15-07-2015 on the commencement of their classes at our college. We have invited parents along with their wards on the first day of their life in this college.. The documentary on the miles stones and facilities of the college was displayed at the college auditorium before the formal session. The programme is chaired by Principal Dr.Anita Nair. She stressed the need for discipline for the smooth functioning of the college which should be ensured by the parents along with the faculties of the college. The meeting also included the participation of PTA representatives. Members for PTA were selected from the parents of first year students.All head of the departments welcome the students and wish them a very successful academic enrichment. IQAC Co-ordinator Dr. Cini Kurian spoke about the need to balance the curricular and co-curricular activities in the college and the need for the overall personality development for the students. The meeting ended with a session for the interaction of tutors and parents of the respective classes. An undertaking regarding the prohibition of political activities and a declaration on anti ragging agreement were signed by both parents and students