A webinar on ’’How to tackle the menace of dowry’’ was organized by NSS unit Al-Ameen college, Edathala on 19th September 2021 from 7 pm to 8 pm by using Google meet platform. Advocate Jyothi Radhika Vijayakumar faculty in sociology, Kerala State Civil Service Academy, Lawyer at District Court, Trivandrum was the guest speaker. The programme was attended by nearly 70 participants. Sreeja.S –programme officer of NSS welcomed the gathering. Dr Shibini Mol P.A and the honourable principal Dr Cini Kurian talked about the webinar.

                        A lot of misconceptions that have persisted since ancient times are still continuing in many homes. One of the highlights is the dowry as well as the high women’s walkout. In today’s society, women do not even have the right to go out at night. Similarly, women who married twice are excluded from society. Women should always be able to get a job and stand on their own feet without depending on others. These are the things that were mainly discussed in the seminar.

                      The guest speaker explained the important role of women in our society. She explained the topic more conveniently and in a very simple language. It was more than a class; it was discussion of our life experiences. All the students who participated in the seminar responded well. Several questions and messages are asked by girls as well as boys. It was like an open discussion. The session was completed as an open house discussion. The webinar was very informative and was very useful as well as taking place in a way that brought a variety of ideas. The programme ended with an official vote of thanks.