The Government of India has recently passed Farm Bill 2020 aiming at introducing reforms in the agricultural sector. The passing of the Bill presently face intensifying protests by farmers in capital Delhi and other northern states. In this context the Department of Economics ,Al Ameen College ,Edathala has organized a webinar on FARM BILL AND THE SOCIAL CONTRACT on 4/2/2020.The key speaker was Dr. Smitha P.Kumar, writer, an expert in Agricultural Economics and Principal, Calicut University Teacher Education Centre,Vayanadu. The webinar aimed at to make students understand the main clause of Farm Bill 2020, its possible effects on farmers in order to understand why they are opposed throughout the country. The session started at 10.30 am with welcome speech by Dr.Shaniba.M.H, Head of Department. Dr. Smita.P. Kumar, elaborated the hidden dangers of Farm Bill on marginal and small farmers of India .She stressed that it is important to legally ensure that the farmers are provided with the assistance of Minimum Support Price wherever they are selling their products.  Unfortunately the new amendment does not provide any such assurance. Currently, the support price has been announced for only 23 crops and farmers are demanding to extend this for other crops also. This legislation makes the agricultural product marketing committees invalid, the state is throwing the farmers out in the free market for exploitation .After her presentation, and participants raised their queries and doubts regarding the Bill. Miss.Fathima Nuzarath of III BA Economics proposed vote of thanks. The session came to an end at 12.45pm.