Onam is the festival close to heart of every Malayali. It is a merger of culture and festivity as well as a recollection of the legendary king Mahabali, whose reign brought joy and equality to all in Kerala. The practice of gifting new clothes as well as a traditional Onam vegetarian feast are the staples of this festival. Games also are a part of this festival. Onam took on a new meeting when the students of Al-Ameen College decided to share their Onam gaiety a special group of children. These were the students of Adv. M.K Ibrahimkutty memorial special school at kangarapady, Kalamassery. These children endeared themselves to the hearts of all those who took part in the visit by their smiles and loving hugs. New clothes or Onakodi were distributed along with toys and sweets. A feast was also arranged for the children of the school. The staff and students who visited the school left with lasting memories of the happiness they shared with these children.