One of the greatest hurdles faced by programming language teachers during online teaching is the inability to provide hand on sessions for their programming subjects. To overcome this hurdle, with the initiative IQAC of        Al- Ameen College, Remya B Nair, faculty of Computer Science has explored a feasible solution. The introduction of VPL, an activity module for Moodle that manages programming assignments is how this predicament can be solved. VPL is a Moodle plug-in,and requires a dedicated separate execution server and this server runs the test scripts on the programs submitted by the students.VPL plugin has been implemented in Moodle and was successfully tested with final year BCA students for their java programming lab on 8/9/2020. Despite having a grim situation owing to the current pandemic, VPL has been a good solution to cope with it and the teachers find it as a better tool to generate effectiveness in their teaching.