A one day training programme on “recycling wastes into valuable organic fertilizer by vermin composting” was held by Nature club in association with department of biotechnology on 24th February 2020. Vermicomposting is the production of high quality compost from organic waste by utilizing earthworms. It helps in converting the organic waste into highly nutrient rich fertilizer. During the programme, the participants were provided with a hands-on-training in the scientific production of vermicompost along with the exposure to the various operations of the vermi-compost production process. The class was taken by the nature club coordinator Ms. Alphy Nisa Steaphen. Twenty two students participated.

The club introduced the vermicomposting unit to all cleaning staffs of the college with the aim of recycling and processing organic waste from the college campus into vermicompost and the utilization of this compost in various biodiversity gardens of the college. During this session instructions regarding maintenance of vermicomposting unit such as the watering, aeration, vermiwash collection, handling methods etc. were explained to them in detail.