NSS unit-2 of AL-AMEEN college conducted a stitching program on 21 March 2022. The program started at 10:00 am with 6 NSS volunteers from different departments. The training session started with a welcome speech by the NSS program officer Dr Sreeja and Dr Shibinimol P.A who gave the students a glance at the topic and welcomed the resource persons. Teachers from the Department of fashion technology, Ms Bessy and Ms Sherin of St. Teresa’s college were our special resource persons of the day. They divided the members into different categories based on interest. They trained 4 volunteers to make strawberry bags, pencil pouches, cosmetic pouches and normal bags. They assigned each bag to each volunteer based on their interest and 2 volunteers were trained to do embroidery designing. The students were all so dedicated, and the program was very informative and a huge success. The main theme of the program was Empowering women in all consequences of life and to make our environment plastic-free with eco-friendly products. The program ended at 12:30 pm.