Physicorum, the webinar series organised by the Department of Physics, Al-Ameen College, continues with the second edition of online lecture series. This time the lecture was on “Troubleshooting Astronomy: Popular wrong ideas about the sky” delivered by Dr. Vaisakhan Thampi, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, M.G. College, Thiruvananthapuram. The webinar was aimed at removing some of the common misconceptions about our universe.

The lecture mainly focused on clearing the misconceptions regarding space and various other phenomena. He pointed out different false ideas that existed and cleared it with scientific explanations. The talk covered topics such as ‘How Astronomy differs from Astrology, Does wormhole exist, Can we see Great Wall of China from the moon, Does moon rise every day at the same time etc. He emphasized the need to have proper knowledge regarding Astronomy and also shared few stories from his experience in this field. Dr. Sreeja S, faculty coordinator delivered the welcome speech.

Faculty of the department and students of BSc Physics and MSc Physics attended the program. Post the lecture, students were given the opportunity to clear their doubts. Vote of Thanks for the programme was proposed by student coordinator Ms. Hisana Thaznim M. A.