The Department of Chemistry Al Ameen college in association with the Institution’s Innovation Council (Ministry of HRD Initiative) and MHRD’s Innovation Cell (Government of India), organized a startup based workshop and hands-on training on cleansers- “SPARKLE SUDS”. The programme was organised on 21st January 2022, in the chemistry lab. It was inaugurated by the principal Dr Cini Kurian and was led by Dr Leji Latheef, HOD of the Chemistry department. Dr Shibini Mol, Coordinator and the other staff were also actively involved in the programme.  Eight students from the 1st year and 2nd year chemistry batch were part of the session. The first session was an introduction to soap making. All the students energetically participated in the workshop and found the activity very useful. Students were interested in making soap covers using areca nut tree leaves.

           The second batch of soap making workshops was conducted on 4th February 2022 using natural aloe vera gels while the 3rd batch of soap making happened on 16th February 2022. The soap making workshop was extended further to making different natural soaps using the extract from beetroot, carrot and neem leaves. Oats, as well as talc powder, were used as a hardener. There are also plans to make different types of soaps using natural ingredients like tulasi leaves, turmeric, hibiscus flower, papaya etc.

            The next part of the workshop was about cleansing agents like toilet cleaner which took place on 8th February while dishwashing liquid was the subject on 15th February 2022. Classes about hand wash making happened on 22nd February. At the end of each occasion, members were passionate and interested in making the cleansers agent. The products were sold to our college staff and students thus make a profit. We are planning to conduct this on long term basis .