If you have dreamed of being your own boss and working for yourself, then nothing can be better than learning techniques and skill of making soaps. A soap making class was organised by the students of ED club and was designed as per the demand and comfort of its members. The students got an opportunity to learn various techniques to make various soaps as per the market demand.

Learning professional skills is always beneficial as one can start their own business and improve their skills.

The class available at Al-Ameen College was intended for the beginners, as the expert, Mr. Manikandan started from the basics and provided in-depth knowledge about various techniques involved in the field of soap preparation. The idea of learning skills in soap making is highly profitable as it will cost less and help earn more. The students gained skills on various soaps making techniques like colouring, shape, size and packing to attract customers. The trainer provided complete support to set up one’s own business and get necessary information regarding the distributers, raw material suppliers, profit, licensing, etc. He insisted the students to “Learn the skill to make it and see how this hobby will be turned into the permanent professional career”. The half day class helped the students learn the essentials of soap making that are used almost every day in every household.