Department of Physics organized a sky watching programme on 2nd March 2023, as part of National Science Day celebrations. Assistant Professor Nandu Raghunath of B.Voc Sound Engineering Department, Al-Ameen College, was the resource person. He is an amateur astronomer and has an inherent passion towards astronomy and sky watching.

Asst. Prof. Nandu set up the telescope in the college ground and calibrated it by around 6:30PM. Students also got hands on experience in assembling and calibrating the telescope. Prof. Nandu explained the different parts of the telescope to the students.

More than 350 people, including the Principal, students, teachers and their family, non-teaching staff, old students and members of local community, participated in sky watching programme. Participants came in batches and Prof. Nandu patiently showed them the wonders of the sky.  They got an opportunity to familiarize with the zodiac constellations, planets and craters of moon. They enjoyed the sight of Jupiter Venus conjunction.