NSS Unit-2 of Al-Ameen College started DISHA2021, the Seven Day Camp on 23 December 2021. The inauguration ceremony started at 4:00 pm. The programme was started with NSS song. Dr. Shibini Mol PA, NSS programme officer, delivered the welcome speech. The presidential address was given by Dr. Cini Kurian, Principal, Al-Ameen College. She discussed about the importance of NSS in the life of students. At last, the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Sreeja S, NSS programme officer. She acquainted everyone with the objectives and goals of NSS.

Second day started with a refreshing meditation by Dr. Sreeja S at 8:00 am. Then the seniors taught everyone to do the NSS clap. Later, the students were divided into 5 groups containing 15-16 members. The leader of the first group leader was Maajid. Second group was led by Muhammed Shijas; 3rd group by Hisaana Nazreen; 4th group by  Krishna Haridas and 5th group by Rashid. After selecting the leaders, 5 different duties were given to the 5 groups. The duties included mess kitchen, programme coordination, discipline, cultural activities and health and sanitation.

After assigning duties, everyone except mess kitchen team was given the task to clean the auditorium. At 10:30 am, the auditorium was cleaned by the NSS volunteers and the refreshment drinks were given to the rest of the NSS volunteers. Then the volunteers were given the task to clean the Annexe complex of the College. By 1:00 pm the lunch was provided to all. After that students were asked to assemble at the auditorium. At 2 pm there was a seminar on the topic “Pachayum Mannum Manushyanum” by Father Prasanth Palackapilly, former principal of SH College, Thevara. He has a good travelling experience and has travelled all around India in his motor cycle, except Jharkhand and Mizoram. He talked about the approach of human beings towards nature and the growing exploitation of natural resources. He also addressed the need of an additional language along with our mother tongue.

Then there was an ice breaking session by former NSS Volunteer of Al-Ameen College, Muhammed Sahad, at 4 pm. He encouraged every volunteers for their active participation in the camp. After the evaluation of programmes, the day was put to a conclusion.

The day started at 8:00 in the morning with the NSS anthem then went on to read the previous day’s newspaper and report. Next session was a calming yoga by programme officer Dr Sreeja S. At 10:00 AM there was a class on the topic “Gender and Sexuality” by queer activist Aadi as it is a relevant topic in our modern society. After the session, some NSS officers from State NSS cell came to our camp for inspection. At 12:30 PM volunteers started cleaning the surroundings of the college starting with the paper and plastic waste. The volunteers then moved on to clear the weeds from the Pachathuruth. As it was Christmas, after lunch there was a celebration. It was followed by the cultural activities of the volunteers. The day concluded  after the camp evaluation.

The fourth day also started with morning assembly which include NSS geetham, report of the previous day and news. The news and report were read by the  5th group. After the yoga session by Dr. Sreeja, field works were assigned to all except the mess kitchen group. Each group was given different areas for cleaning. By 1:00 pm the Pachathuruth and the Star Garden was cleaned.

 There was an afternoon session which was given by Gokul Dileep, “From a Volunteer to a Leader”. Gokul Dileep is an awardee of MG University best NSS Volunteer. He described the significance of NSS in the society and also how it helps in the development of students. Apart from this, he organised many games to show the importance of team work.

Fifth day began with the morning assembly where the previous day’s report and newspaper was read. Then the volunteers were divided into two groups and one group stayed in the campus and beautified the Butterfly Garden and its surroundings. The other group went outside and did a survey and awareness on the use of menstrual cup. At 1:00 PM there was a class on the dangers of drug abuse and illegal substances. The class named “VIMUKTHI” was handled by Jiji Mol (Senior Police Officer of Aluva Excise office). The class strengthened the students’ notion that all types of intoxication are dangerous and unnecessary. The volunteers completed their works and displayed their skills by drawing and painting on the concrete base under the trees. At 7:00 PM cultural activities started and all volunteers participated. The day ended by the evaluation of the day’s works.

The sixth day of the camp started with the morning assembly at 8 O’clock, as usual, which was followed by the warm up session by Dr. Sreeja. The volunteers were divided into groups for cleaning the surroundings. Few volunteers were assigned the job of painting the walls. By 1:30 pm lunch was provided. Then the campus was made plastic free by the volunteers. At 5 O’clock all volunteers assembled in the Annexe after their assigned works. Upto 7 O’clock, few volunteers worked on the articles and pictures for the magazine. After having dinner,the camp fire began at 10:00 pm, followed by cultural activities at auditorium, which put to an end to the sixth day of the camp.

Day 7 started with the morning assembly at 7:00 AM where the newspaper and report of the previous day was read. Then as it was the final day of the camp, volunteers cleaned the camp and planted saplings of tomato, lady’s finger etc to start a small organic vegetable patch. At 1:00 PM the closing ceremony of the camp was held. Dignitaries like Adv. Raija Ameer (District Panchayat member); Dr. Junaid Rahman (Manager Al Ameen College); Dr. Cini Kurian (Principal Al Ameen College); Shri Afsal Kunjumon (Ward member Edathala Grama Panchayath) participated. It was emotional for everyone to bid farewell. Some volunteers spoke about the impact the camp had on them. Volunteers were assigned by the task to clean the annex complex and classrooms in which everyone kept their bags and necessary things. By 1:00 pm, lunch was provided and the camp came to an end at 3:30 PM after camp evaluation.