The two day seminar, Scope and challenges in Translation with Reference to English, Hindi, Malayalam& Arabic was conducted on 17th and 18th of February 2016 in an exemplary manner. Four well structured sessions were guided by people of eminence. Though there are machines to make translation easy it requires the unmitigated skill of the translator as there is increasing interdependence of various disciplines ranging from literature to medicine and mass communication, Keeping this in mind, the seminar discussed several thrust areas that are vital for contemporary translation works. The keynote address was by Prof.DevakiAntharjanam where the discussion was about how translation has been influencing a language in its evolution. A special reference to our mother tongue, Malayalam by spotting new styles and words in vogue was also a highlight of her talk. In addition, the talk by Dr. M. Sherief widened our perspectives on translation in Malayalam. New and less explored areas were revealed through the paper presented by Prof. C.S. Jayaram with regard to translation in culture, politics and film. In the next session, Dr. R. Sukumaran, delivered a special talk on the influence of translation on Hindi. SujithSudhakar from Keltron IMT addressed the gathering on scope and challenges in the area of medical transcription. The two day seminar was an enlightening one in this rather unexplored, yet important area in the overall fabric of the languages that were discussed.