Physics department of Al-Ameen college on 16th September celebrated the world ozone day by conducting an awareness programme. A presentation by the students on the importance of the ozone layer, mechanisms that control it, necessity of its conservation and recent changes that affect it was also conducted during the day.

Rincy P of 2nd MSc welcomed the participants of the program while Hisana Thasnim, Rinsa Kareem, Fatima Nazrin, Kamarunisa U M, Amina Salim, Amenda Das and Melvin Varghese presented various facts about ozone layer.


Hisana, II DC student briefed about the importance, properties and physical outlook of ozone layer and its formation.

Rinsa, Fathima Nazrin, Kamarunisa, Amina Salim – students of 3rd DC physics – portrayed the concerns towards the ozone depletion. They briefed about the reasons of ozone layer depletion by the use of CFCs and other pesticides and chemicals. They also mentioned about the adverse effects of ozone layer depletion on flora, fauna, environment and human health. The students explained how the depletion of ozone layer which increases more ultraviolet rays reaching the earth contributes to increase in diseases like skin cancer, eye cataracts and compromised immune system.

Amenda and Melvin talked about the current status of ozone layer and preventive measures to reduce the generation of pollutants.

Swathy Haridas extended the vote of thanks.   The recorded version of the program is uploaded in youtube.