The orientation programme for newly enrolled NSS volunteers was organised on 17/01/2021. Prof. Sibi KI, Associate Professor and Head, Dept of Sociology, Sacred Heart College, Thevara was the resource person.  The orientation class has been able to come up with idea about the community of NSS. Many students had an impression that the NSS is just for work, but the resource person, change their mind that NSS is for social service, more than that it is a community to get to know those who are suffering and to help them. He beautifully describe that NSS is a student centered programme and it is a link between the campus and community. He explained about moto and aims of NSS. He also discussed about the symbol and NSS badge which indicates that NSS volunteers needs to be of lively, active, energetic and high spirit. He discussed about the aims of NSS programmes and activities. He also included the videos of several activities which have to be included in the NSS activities. NSS programme officer Dr.Sreeja S welcomed the gathering and Dr.ShibiniMol PA delivered the vote of thanks. 65 new volunteers of NSS actively participated in the session.