A One day Workshop on “NATTATIVU SAMRAKSHANAM. PAITRIKATHILEKKULLA KALVAIPU”, was conducted by M.G University Student Services & Folklore Club Al-Ameen College, Edathala, Aluva. The  official  inauguration of  the  programme  was  conducted  by Dharmaraj Advatt ( Vice –Chancellor  Sanskrit  University). He talked at length about folklore traditions and revived the lost traditions of folklore. The meeting was presided over by Prof.M.B Sasidharan, Principal, Al-Ameen College. He  described  about  different  Theyyam  forms and  other  folk arts  today and  stressed  on the  need to introduce it to  the  students  and  bring  them  to  the  forefront  by popularizing  the  folklore among the  students  of the  campuses. Prof .Sabuji, an exponent of the folklore was the key speaker of the workshop. He  was concerned  about losing  traditions  of  folklore  and  spoke about  the  importance  of  keeping  the  folklore  forms alive. Sri.Sreejith Meloor conducted an exhibition (65 varieties) related to the   various Theyyam forms in north Malabar region. After that Pulluvan Pattu, Arabanamuttu, Nadanpattu were performed. After each performance, a group discussion followed which was enthralling by the participation of students.  The  success  of  the workshop  was marked by the  participation of  21 students  from 10  other  colleges  under  M G  University. The feedback of the programme clearly envisages the message that was conveyed to the student community.