Department of computer Science of Al Ameen College Edathala conducted a one day programme “A Step to Cyber-world”, for students of Govt HS Nochima on 08/12/2014. It was a programme based on community extension of the department. The programme started at 10.30 am and Welcome speech was delivered by the convener of the program, Sona A. Programme was inaugurated by HOD of computer department Prof.DrCiniKurian. 25 students and three teachers from the Govt HS attended the programme. The main objective of the programme was to make the school students aware of the usage and benefit of internet and how to use internet for their academic benefit. Teachers as well as students of Computer Department conveyed the idea to the invited students of the Govt H S Nochima. After the session a vote of thanks was delivered by Prof.Jyothy Joseph. The Programme was a grand success.