Onam celebration is a wonderful and notable day at college every year. It is one of the grand celebrations for every student. Unfortunately, covid 19 has taken Onam celebrations for everyone. The pandemic has changed the very nature of Onam celebrations, but it has not lowered the spirit of the whole students. NSS volunteers of Al-Ameen College, Edathala conducted several programmes intending to help old age people in MES orphanage Edathala by buying clothes and celebrating Covid-Onam with them. For that, NSS volunteers collected money by selling muffins and pudding. It was done by an NSS volunteer who gave a good effort to make it better. Another programme “Varayonam” was also conducted by Alfina, an NSS volunteer by making portrait scribbling, pencil drawing, and colour pencil drawings. Most of the college students, teachers and staff helped the NSS teams by giving the orders to contribute money to the programme. We had a good time with the members in the old age home and also it was filled with lots of emotions and sentiments. This moment will cherish forever.