Department of B.Voc conducted ‘Lock’d Onam’, which was a 5-day Intercollegiate online Onam fiesta from August 25th to 29th, 2020. The event was hosted through ‘MixDown 2020’ page in the various social media platforms mainly Facebook and Instagram. The main highlights of the event were competitions such as Oonapaattu, Onam Troll Competition, Onam Collage, Digital Pookkalam, Adikurippu Malsaram and an online Malayali Maaran – Malayali Manka.

Students from Al-Ameen college and various other colleges participated in the competitions. The entries submitted via        Instagram were evaluated by eminent judges and the results were announced on the Instagram handle. Cash prizes for winners were also distributed.

Lockd’Onam event was organized by BVoc Department students to explore the various new possibilities which utilize internet and other online platforms during the lockdown situation due to the pandemic, and it was a great success.