#Learning finds no lockdown in Al-Ameen College amidst national lockdown#

The out-break and the annihilation of the malignant virus Covid 19 happened to be at the time when the UG end semester examinations of 2nd and 3rd years were taking place.Adding on to that teachers were in a hurry to complete the portions of PG courses and 1ST years UG batch as well. Amidst this, the government declared a nation-wide lockdown resulting in the shutting down of colleges and stoppage of all the academic activities thus putting things in a spot of bother . However the teachers and students of Al- Ameen College, Edathala overcame the predicament created by emphasizing on online education. Under the direction of the principal of the college Prof.M.B Sashidharan, the faculty members though staying at home resumed teaching the students  through online platforms. The then trending Zoom app was used effectively for this purpose. Through video conferencing, the teachers and students interacted seamlessly and the process is undergoing successfully. Usage of boards, sharing of power point presentations and disseminating notes were made easier through this online application. The other various online platforms which were efficiently used included google class room, Youtube videos, google hangout and moodle.  The on line classes are uploaded in Youtube and Moodle Learning Management System  These online methods helped the students to carry out their academic activities like submission of assignments, quiz programs and exam oriented aids thus nullifying the problems faced due to the lockdown. Since majority of the students of this college are from rural areas, the college had taken all the required steps to advance and reach their transitional educational methods to their students. The college also flaunts about amenities like recording studios that can be used to record online classes. In the era of information technology, Al- Ameen College is ready to face any sort of changes occurring and the college strongly adhere to provide the best for the students thus providing new hopes and dreams to thrive forward.