No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

Charles Dickens.
The words of a literary genius who wrote about his era ring true for all of time. The student of Al-Ameen College were enriched by a meeting with one such noble man who sought to better the lives of his fellow men . Sri. Murugan, a true social worker, is familiarly known by the fond nick name of ‘Therivu Murugan’. This name stuck probably due to his chosen life’s work- that of rescuing human beings who lived the pathetic lives of destitute beggars.

Sri. Murugan started his career by helping such destitute carve a living for themselves by collecting waste material, such as old news papers to sell. Currently he gives such former beggars a roof over their heads aside of a noble occupation. Giving such destitutes a second chance at life is what gives Sri. Murugan an emotional fulfilment.

Our students, who were inspired by the story of Sri Murugan, wanted a chance to meet him in person. They also collected newspapers that he could utilise in his chosen purpose of life. These real life heroes are a true motivation to as all and a reminder that there are humans with huge hearts.