Orientation programmes are aimed at familiarizing the students to an unknown campus environment, its faculties and infrastructure. It enables them to make essential connections with studies and develop networks among their peers.

The department of Biotechnology conducted an orientation programme for the first year undergraduate students on 3 November  2020.

A half day session on the topic“Scope and Trends of Biotechnology” was the major attraction of the programme. Dr.Sajeesh Kumar N.K ,HOD Department of Biotechnology, Mar Augusthinose College Ramapuram,Kottayam was the resource person. The programme started at 10.00 am. Mrs.Rahimol Ramesh, HOD of the department delivered the welcome speech.  The session provided a detailed description about biotechnology institutions in India, the different disciplines of biotechnological research and the common admission test carried out by different research institutions.

A statistical analysis of the population growth and the employment sector was also discussed in the class. Perfect guidelines about the fellowships and grants offered by foreign universities seemed to be a refreshing experience for the students. The topic of discussion was relevant to contemporary circumstances and was effective in solving the queries of students regarding the field of biotechnology. The session concluded around 1.30 pm. Assistant Professor, Mrs. Thasny Faisal expressed words of gratitude and the memento was handed over by the HOD, Mrs. Rahimol Ramesh.