Department of Chemistry conducted an orientation programme for freshers on the topic “Importance of Petroleum and Petrochemicals” on 07th November 2022 at 2 pm. The aim of the programme was to provide an awareness about some basic concept about the refining and cracking processes in the petrochemical industries. The coordinator for the programme was Dr. Leji Latheef, Assistant Professor and HOD, Department of Chemistry, Al-Ameen College, Edathala.  The session was hosted by Dr Pradeesh, Chief Chemist, BPCL, Kochi Refinery. The speaker focused on the classification and functions of refineries, sweetening process, distillation of crude oil and its composition. He explained different cracking techniques and the importance of hydrogen as fuel for tomorrow. He also emphasized on various petrochemical industries in India and the vast job and higher studies opportunities abroad. The students interacted well in the session. 28 students attended the programme.