The IQAC of Al- Ameen College along with the Placement cell organized an induction program for the new batch of students under various under graduate programs. The objective of the program was to assimilate the students to a new environment of university education and  acquaint them  with the culture of this prestigious institution as well as colorful college life in general. The program was inaugurated by the Placement Officer of Al-ameen College, Dr Mary P U, with a brief speech on the activities of Al- ameen College and its career guidance and Placement cell. A total of 270 students  participated in the meeting.

The distinguished speaker of the program Mr. Varun P Nair (CEO, Infiniz IT Solutions) focused on the theme, “FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT, SO LET US START’. He elaborated the theme and importance of smart work apart from hard work. Throughout the speech he aimed at  inculcating  values of goal setting, perseverance, determination and team spirit in students. He emphasized that, in higher education, the role of a teacher is that of a facilitator and  to regulate discussions out of which new insights will emerge.

 During the second part of the session,  the students were provided proper counsels for getting success in future.  Mr. Varun spoke to the students about the future prospects of their respective courses as well as employment opportunities of each discipline. He then concentrated on describing the activities of the placement cell at Al-Ameen college and how the students will benefited from the activities of the cell.The session concluded  with the Placement assistant coordinator Mr. Ashik Abdul Salam explaining about the previous year’s placement details to the participants

Overall the program helped the students to have a better understanding of their new role, new program, new responsibilities and career opportunities. The webinar concluded with an interactive session of the students with the speaker.