The NCC unit celebrated the nation’s Independence Day on 15th august 2019 in the college campus in a peaceful manner by commemorating our nation’s independence struggle and victory over the British force. The NCC unit showed their respect and duties through the display of parade and salutation. The honour to host flag, one of the trademark duties performed on Independence Day was performed by the principal, Al- Ameen College Edathala.  The event was then followed by strong Independence Day message where he inspired the gathering through his motivating and patriotic speech. All the NCC, NSS, red cross members, hostelers, faculty members along with the alumni members and public witnessed and participated in the function. Majority of the audience were fluttering and waving the Indian flag with zeal and joy, thus displaying the sign of upholding the pride of being an Indian and the integrity was shown in solidarity.

After the celebration of the event, sweets were provided to everyone as a token of happiness and the students and teachers wished each other.