The nature club of Al-Ameen College Edathala conducted a two level identification and numbering program of plants in the college campus. The aim of the program was to give a unique number to each type of plant in the college campus and also identify the location of the same by creating a database of trees and important plants.

The initial level ie, internal level of this activity was started from 9th December 2019 and end up on 19th December 2019. This level of identification and numbering was carried out by the executive members of nature club including Ms.Angel C John, Ms Alphy Nisa Steaphen, Dr.SaliniAjith, Ms.Sreeja C and Mr.SafeerUmmar. During this level all the trees in the main campus were marked with a unique number specific to the name of a tree.

The second level of activity was carried out by an external expert on 21st December 2020. In this stage the plants couldn’t identify in the initial level was identified by the botanist Dr. JibyKuriakose, S.H College Thevara. After that a database of important plants and trees of Al-Ameen College campus was created with theseunique numbers, name of the tree and the specific location.