Kochi was gearing up for the third edition of Biennale and the volunteers of NSS Unit chose to clean up Fort Kochi beach on 17.10.2018as part of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan with a purpose. They also got two unlikely inaugurators, Jenny and Alaskia, social workers from Australian charity group Rainbows. They had visited Kerala to buy some “Chekkutty” dolls which became eponymous with state’s fight against the flood and they were keen to lend a helping hand to the people, whenever possible. Jenny and friends were impressed by the work of the volunteers and they got to know more about the activities of National Service Scheme. They later joined hands with the students to clean up the South Beach.

The cleaning activities on the beach were led by NSS programme officers Prof. Shahanoor Begum and Prof. Abdul Salam. Prof. Leena Varghese and Prof. SheminaHamsa also participated with the students.