Five days online workshop on python was organized by department of Computer Science  on 17/07/2021 to22/07/2021 for all students of computer science department to explore the power and simplicity of Python. This workshop was appreciated by all the students as they were able to add another programming language in their technical skill set. The trainer Dr. Jeeva Jose, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Applications, BPC College Priravom, provided   theoretical and practical knowledge on python. DR.Cini Kurian, principal,  inaugurated the workshop. She also motivated the students with her speech and explained that these kind of workshops are beneficial for their upcoming placements and also improves their technical knowledge. The welcome address was delivered by Chinju Kuriakose, Assistant Professor.

The session started with future aspects of Python and also provided instructions for installing PYTHON. In the days that followed, she provided software practice to the students on the aspects of development for any project based on  of python programming .The participants used the print() statement in Python to print sentences, concatenate strings and performed basic calculations. While concatenating and printing various things that was noticed was that they were not able to concatenate a sentence and a number(unless the number was in quotes). Along the way, she also introduced the participants to the concept of variables. This workshop was also useful in the reference of placement of students.

At the end of workshop students were satisfied knowing that they were now able to program with a new & simple programming language Python. The workshop ended by  vote of thanks, Beenatries N Joy , HOD Department of Computer Science .