Al Ameen College in association with the UGC-STRIDE, M G University organised a 7-days Faculty Development Programme in Multi-disciplinary Capacity Building from 16th to 22nd of May 2022. Dr C. T. Aravindakumar, Pro-vice Chancellor, M. G. University inaugurated the programme. He talked about the importance of building multi-disciplinary capacities in teachers for meeting the requirements of the future. Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager, Al Ameen College presided over the function. Dr Abhilash Madhu, Coordinator, UGC-STRIDE, Ms Indu G, Vice Principal, Al Ameen College and Dr Leena Varghese, IQAC Coordinator, Al Ameen College felicitated the programme. Dr Rajan Varughese, Member Secretary, The Kerala State Higher Education Council gave the first lecture on global trends in the higher education sector. Following this, eight reputed speakers interacted with the teachers on various dates. Dr K. P. Jayakumar, Dr Sumesh S., Dr T. V. Sajeev, Dr Martin Patrik, Dr Arathy P. M., Mr Jasimuddeen S., Dr Pramod Dinakar and Ms Vani Devi P T., presented papers regarding various topics. 28 teachers from Al Ameen College and 2 from MES Marampally participated in the programme. The valedictory function was inaugurated by Dr Junaid Rahman. Dr Cini Kuriran, Principal, Al Amen College presided over the function.

Day 1(16/05/2022)

The programme started at 9:30 am. Dr C.T. Aravindakumar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, M G University inaugurated the programme online. Dr Junaid Rahman presided over the function. Dr Abhilash Madhu, Coordinator, STRIDE-MGU, Ms Indu G, Vice Principal, Al Ameen College and Dr Leena Varghese, IQAC Coordinator, Al Ameen College felicitated the programme.

The first session was handled by Dr Rajan Varughese, Member Secretary, Kerala State Higher Education Council. He spoke in detail about the new developments in higher education and the role of colleges to reap their benefit.

In the afternoon Dr Arathy P. M., Assistant Professor, School of Legal Thought, M G University spoke about the importance of inclusive and empathetic pedagogy. She focussed on the role of teachers as empathetic and accommodative personalities in dealing with the issues of the students.

Day 2(17/05/2022)

The morning session began at 10 am with an informative talk on the organisation and management of a college by Dr A. S. Sumesh, Member of Senate, M G University, Kottayam. He elaborated on the importance of proper management and rule-based administration in a college. The role of a properly elected College Council, Internal Complaints Committee and Student Union were the areas he focussed on. He also insisted on the responsibilities of a teacher in handling the day-to-day affairs of the college.

The afternoon session started at 12:45 pm. Ms Vani Devi P. T., noted child psychologist interacted with the participants on the topic Understanding Learner Dynamics: Psychology of the New Gen. Her speech threw light into the changing psychology of students and the ways in dealing with them. She insisted to have a proper counselling policy for every college so that no student feels avoided. She said that this is very much important to solve the issues of new-gen students.

Day 3(18/05/2022)

Dr K. P Jayakumar, Member of Academic Council, Kerala University interacted with the participants on the changing concept of teachers in the modern era. He said that the role of teachers as disciplinarians and storage tanks of knowledge is no more valid. Since knowledge is available everywhere teachers have to teach the students to critically analyse them. It is the importance of interactive and cooperative teaching-learning that he advocated for bridging the gap between the new student community and the teachers.

In the afternoon session Mr Jasimudeen S, Librarian, St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor interacted with the participants on the topic of Academic Writing and Publishing. The session saw the detailed portrayal of various publishing platforms and writing and editing tools for carrying out genuine research activity. He recommended all participants publish in reputed journals and taught the ways to identify fake journals. He also recommended making Al Ameen’s journal a care-listed one.

Day 4(19/05/2022)

The day began with an impressive and informative session on research methodology by Dr Martin Patrik, Chief Economist, Centre for Public Policy Research. Dr Martin elaborately discussed various aspects of research such as writing a synopsis, formulating a title, identifying the research problem, data collection, data analysis and writing the thesis.

On this day the afternoon session was handled by Dr Pramod Dinakar, Assistant Professor, Chinmaya Viswa Vidyapeeth Deemed-to-be University. Dr Dinakar interacted with the participants on the various creative ways of teaching applicable in present-day classrooms. It was one of the most interactive sessions in the entire FDP.

Day 5(20/05/2022)

The last day of live sessions began with a thought-provoking lecture on the importance of ecology in the changing world by Dr T. V. Sajeev, Principal Scientist, Kerala Forest Research Institute. Dr Sajeev explained the significance of maintaining a balance between our concepts of development and nature. He said that the already decaying ecosystem needs more care and dedicated activities on the part of humans to sustain life on this planet. The role of teachers in inculcating a strong sense of the nature among students was the major theme of his discussion.

In the afternoon session, there was an interaction with the students about their expectations and complaints about the present teaching-learning process. Students vehemently spoke against the role of teachers as moral police and asked for a democratic and student-friendly campus. They were of the opinion that teachers need to be more humane and cooperative. They should abstain from stalking students and interfering in their personal matters. They also asked for a change in the concept of teaching. Students wanted more technology-oriented lectures and most of them wanted a complete change in the conventional lecture methods.

Day 6 and 7(21/05/2022 and 22/05/2022)

These days were dedicated to the project work. The participants were asked to prepare a project and submit via online.

Day 8(23/05/2022)

The closing ceremony of the FDP was organised at 3:30 pm on 23/05/2022. Dr Junaid Rahman, Manager, Al Ameen College was the Chief Guest. He thanked the coordinators for conducting such a programme and expressed his dislike regarding the lack of proper participation on the part of teachers. Dr Cini Kurian, Principal, Al Ameen College presided over the function. Mr Abdul Salam A. P. felicitated the programme. Dr P. J. Sajin proposed the vote of thanks.

Take-aways from the programme

  1. Upgrade the journal to UGC care listed one.
  2. Formulate a counselling policy for the College. Make sure that the counsellors interact with the students daily.
  3. Constitute college governing bodies according to the University Act and Statutes so that a systematic running of the college will be possible. Moreover, this is needed for responsible academic and student community in a college.
  4. Improve the genuine research mentality of the teachers. Research and publication for the sake of doing it won’t benefit the institution or the researcher.
  5. Practice inclusive and empathetic pedagogy so that the students feel attached to the teacher and the institution.
  6. Develop creative ways of teaching.
  7. Incorporate the importance of supporting the nature in daily activities of the college.
  8. The unnecessary involvement of teachers in students’ personal matters needs to be avoided. This will only estrange them rather than be cooperative.
  9. Teachers must understand the value of knowledge and be ready to grab it as and when it is available. A disciplined teacher is mandatory for a disciplined college and student community.
  10. Discipline is not pleasing the authority; it is critical involvement and creative thinking.